A rock shaped like a house, found in the mountains

(From a Trip to Big Bend in West Texas, On New Year’s Eve)

The aborigines of Western Australia believe that the waking life is an illusion,

so they dwell inside of their dreams.

The Sephardic Jews of the 16th Century were driven from Spain;

though they could not find a place to sleep, they found sanctuary within their hope.

The gypsies of the world continually cross the borders of several states and countries,

but they feel settled in the tribe they move with.

The birds of many species soar through several skies and sleep in various branches,

but can only thrive in weather that suits their needs.

The exiled writers of various countries believe more in paper and in words,

than in the land beneath their feet.

The frontiersmen of the state of Texas continued to explore the flat land,

though the memory of the mountains never left their bones.

Musicians of all disciplines, travel the world in search of sounds,

though their only shelter may be within the music that emanates from their souls.

This rock I hold in my hands, has fallen from the heights of the mountain I climb;

In its stillness, I am home.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement
  2. Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

Poets for Human Rights, Anita McAndrews Award 2007